1. Rail transport

Hai Phong Port is the only port in Vietnam that has a direct railway connection to the Port. From Hai Phong Port, it is very convenient for customers to receive and transfer goods by rail to the key economic regions of the North and the Kunming - Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh economic corridor.

Railway line in the Port, freight wagons in the Port, loading and unloading goods from the Port yard Wagons

2. Road transport

In the chain of package services that Hai Phong Port is providing to customers is road transport service. With a fleet of experienced trucks, newly invested every year, we always ensure to transport customers' goods in the Hai Phong or inter-provincial area quickly, safely and efficiently, meeting the needs of customers. fully meet the requirements of customers.

Seamless tractors, newly-invested trailers, container trucks in front of the port area of road 356

3. Inland waterưa

Hai Phong Port is cooperating with many units specializing in providing shipping services by barge to jointly exploit and transport goods for large shipping lines such as Maersk Line, Hyundai from HICT, CICT ports to Tan Vu and vice versa. . The port's barge team with a capacity of 36 teu/trip and 72 teu/trip is always ready to serve the demand for inland waterway cargo transportation for shipping lines, supporting customers in a timely manner when they have a need. wharf, transshipment with a large number of containers, competitive costs help bring high economic efficiency.

Barge carrying container cargo in and out of Tan Vu port