The Action Guidelines and Business Mottos
The Action Guidelines and Business Mottos

The Action Guidelines and Business

 “Discipline - Transparency - Action - Effectiveness”
 “Market - Technology - Long-term cooperation - Success sharing”
 1. Discripline
- Fully comply with laws;
- Comply with all rules and regulations set out by the Port of Haiphong;
- Maintain order and routine within the company;
- Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements;
 1. Market
- Each employee behaves like a marketer.
- Build the company's objectives in line with market demand.
- Service quality and reputation of Hai Phong Port are regarded as core values to create competitive advantages.
- Everything starts with the customer. Not only meet customer expectations but exceed them.
 2. Transparency
- Being transparent in general operations and managements;
- Fully disclose information about the company’s business;
- The employees have equal rights and responsibilities in performing their tasks.
 2. Technology
- Make information technology into the backbone of port management and operations.
- Standardize management activities in the company, embrace continuous innovation as the spirit of Kaizen.
- Promote equipment investment projects and build and develop the port toward sustainability.
 3. Action
- Create a professional work environment and labor discipline consciousness;
Increasingly apply information technology and management aligned with advanced practices in the world;
- Motivate the dynamism and creativity in all employees;
- The path to success needs great action and determination.
 3. Long-term cooperation
- Provide proactive support and regular assistance to each other in work and business;
- Maintain long-term cooperation and mutual benefits;
- Promote the strengths of each company to grow together;
- If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
 4. Effectiveness
- Achieve and exceed the company KPIs: Throughput, revenue and profit;
- Stabilize jobs and incomes for employees;
- Improve labor productivity of each employee and the company;
- Manage working time effectively.
 4. Success sharing
- Cooperate - Develop together;
- Build and maintain a customer-oriented and change-adaptive corporate culture;
- Contribute long-term benefits to society and the sustainable development of the industry;
- Customer's concerns are ours and we are responsible for swift resolution.
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