Registration procedures and out of ports
Registration procedures and out of ports

Procedure of ship arrival/departure

Clients (ship-owners, agents, shippers) shall notify the Port of Hai Phong by filling in the form “Notice of Ship Arrival/Departure and request for service” ( BM.23.06 ) then sent to the Company’s Operation Department through telephone number 0313 859947 (or 0313 836942) and fax number 0313 551337 for registration of ship arrival and request for services.

The  Operation Department, based on the Port  actual situation, the notice of ship arrival, cargo on board and service request, plans the ship operation, reports to the Port  leaders for approval and submits to Maritime Administration of Hai Phong, and Pilot Company.

The  Port  departments, divisions and branches, based on the approved plan, organize the implementation.
Clients register services of loading/unloading for each ship, each shift through the Operation divisions on duty through the following telephone numbers:

+ Hoang Dieu Terminal: 0313 959901

+ Chua Ve Terminal: 0313 765784

+ Tan Vu Terminal: 0313 614462

* Clients are kindly requested to raise up all information, difficulties arisen during the operation to Operation Department and Operation divisions on duty through the above telephone numbers.
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