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Port of Hai Phong joint stock company
Port of Hai Phong joint stock company

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Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quy
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quy Head of truck coordination department of SITC - Dinh Vu Logistics
As one of the first units to coordinate with Port of Hai Phong to pilot the Smart Gate system, I realize that this can be a promising step forward for Port of Hai Phong to minimize wait times at the gate and enhance efficiency in cargo receipt and delivery. As a system user, we also gradually approach the system. It is inevitable to encounter difficulties during the initial implementation period, so we hope that Port of Hai Phong will provide transport companies with maximum support for installation and usage instructions in order to successfully launch the system.Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quy - Head of truck coordination department of SITC - Dinh Vu Logistics
Mr. Ninh Cong Minh
Mr. Ninh Cong Minh Marine/Ground Operations Manager of Maersk
Congratulations to Port of Hai Phong, and congratulations to Vietnam Maritime Corporation for the implementation of the Smart Gate System for port operations. This implementation will bring benefits to all customers and shipping lines. The Smart Gate System is an expansion and completion system for the Port’s ePort system, which helps expedite cargo receipt and delivery, improve accuracy, and reduce wait times at the gate. In particular, the application of Smart Gate and electronic eEIR will contribute to the implementation of paperless and contactless electronic delivery methods. In recent times, Port of Hai Phong has actively deployed the application of technology in the field of port operations and managed to implement faster than other ports. Wishing Port of Hai Phong every success with the project implementation. In case of any issues that may arise, all parties will cooperate with each other and settle together.Mr. Ninh Cong Minh - Marine/Ground Operations Manager of Maersk