Hai Phong Port maneuvers oil spill response

Created date :11/09/2016
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On the morning of 04/11/2016 at the Branch of Chua Ve Port, Mr. Truong Van Thai - Deputy General Director of Hai Phong Port leads the exercise for oil spill response with the collaboration of the Northeast Center for oil spill response, Hai Phong port authorities, Towage & Transport JSC of Hai Phong Port and the relevant units of the Hai Phong Port.

Parties participated in the assumed situations as follows: When the container ship17 528 DWT docked the Hai Phong port for goods loading, it was struck at the engine room by the ship of 6.903 DWT which was travelling. The DO oil tank of the ship was broken and spilled into the river with about 70 tons of oil spilled. At 8.00 am dated 04/11/2016, the staff of Chua Ve Port detected the oil spills and alerted to the employees, Board of Production Execution, Steering Committee of Prevention for Natural Disasters, Search and Rescue and Response to the oil spill of the Branch, Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company, guard team and Department of Quality Assurance Department.

After the Standing Committee of Oil Spills Prevention receives the notification, it gave alarm urgently to deploy oil spill rescue forces. After concentrating manpower and conduct ing professional measures of Branch, Centre for Oil Spills Rescue deployed the rescue, strapless buoys, water pump, oil storage tanks to contain the oil collected temporarily, setting up oil-contaminated areas, using machines to collect spilled oil within booms.

At 11.00 am on the same day, the exercise was a success. Hai Phong port has implemented successfully the plan of oil spill rescue at Chua Ve Port, Tan Vu Port and Hoang Dieu Port Company Limited which was approved under the Decision No.1746 / QD-UBND; 1747 / QD-UBND; 1478 / QD-UBND of Hai Phong City People's Committee dated 27/07/2015.

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